About Fine Traveling

Fine Traveling is a collection of Fine Establishments from around the world regardless of pricing.

FT is a new platform which focuses on the places where people are doing an awesome job, despite of pricing. The result is a collection of fine establishments including restaurants, hotels & things to do, regardless if they hold 3 Michelin stars or they serve €3 tapas.

FT editors reward these establishments with Cherry Awards, even if they are inexpensive & casual. Editors & members add only the establishments which they recommend, therefore supporting all the professionals who are doing a fine job & helping travelers avoid all the tourist traps out there.

Fine Traveling is a newly created information platform which provides primarily:

  • Hotel and restaurant rate comparison information
  • Information and advice on hotels and restaurants to tourists and business travellers;
  • Online reviews of restaurants and hotels;
  • Personalized information about hotels and temporary accommodations for travel via the internet.

Fine Traveling is a platform which hosts editors’ and visitors’ reviews of hotels, restaurants and ‘things to do’ venues, attractions and sightseeing.

Although hotels have a minimum requirement of 3 stars in order to be listed in the website, restaurants and things to do venues, attractions and sightseeing may come from a broader range and vary significantly from each other.

When it comes to money, Fine experiences have been to a certain extent associated with expensiveness. It is true that an establishment that is expensive is more likely to be considered refined, but a Fine place can be very inexpensive as well. These establishments, which may have a modest or low public profile and do not cost an arm and a leg but do offer a wonderful experience, belong in Fine Traveling as much as the highly advertised and expensive ones.


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