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Chef Kobe Desramaults, In de Wulf (Closed), Heuvelland - Fine Traveling
Chef Kobe Desramaults
You would never guess who the owner of In De Wulf is.

This is because he behaves and works just like everybody else in the restaurant. He even rubs clean his countertops at the end of the service. How inspiring to see the boss clean his own kitchen, when he has a bunch of other people to do the dirty work for him. His staff must adore him.

Kobe Desramaults knows his stuff. With previous experience in Oud Sluis and Comerc 24 in his back bag, the 23 year old Kobe overtook his parents' bistro. Two years later he got his first star. Underrated. He belongs in the 2 or even 3 star galaxy.

During our brief encounter, the charming and talented Mr Kobe, was very friendly and courteous, even interested to know about our country.

Enquiring about the obvious, why he choose the remote location to set his business, he answered that he was raised there. That was his homeland. It is a wonderful idea to give back to the land, that community that he was raised in, such an important venue that gives jobs and pride to his people.

He also owns De Vitrine in Ghent.

Kobe Desramaults's Work
Restaurant In de Wulf (Closed), Heuvelland - Fine Traveling
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