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Chef Hans Snijders, Chateau Neercanne, Maastricht - Fine Traveling
Chef Hans Snijders
You know what they say... "if it ain't broken, don't fix it". That is how Hans Snijders operates. He has the winning recipe and he has been following it faithfully since 1980. Why change something that works so well?

Classic French dishes, generous portions, well priced, excellent service in a magnificent location. That explains a fully packed Saturday service at the Chateau Neercanne restaurant.

Generous and modest, Hans spared his precious time to talk to a stranger about what else... food! He was welcoming and it was a true joy to be around him.

He is a family man who stays true to his ways for decades. And it pays off. One of the most respected chefs in the Netherlands with a record of maintaining a star for almost 30 years in the same place. This is unheard of. This commands respect.

During our brief conversation, he remembered, a few decades ago, when his butcher provided him with a piece of meat that was not used by any fine chef... the cheek. He confessed opening books to search for cooking techniques and he couldn't find anything. He did however find a recipe from the 1800 and that was it. Slowly braising it for hours resulted in the most tender meat which you could eat with a spoon.

No matter how much experience and recognition he has, he mentioned that he always stresses about his service. But he relies on his team, which he praises with a father's pride. Hans Snijders' work ethics are a lesson for all newcomers.

Even at the end of a long 13 hour at work day, when he kicks off his shoes, relaxing in his garden with a glass of wine, he still takes nothing for granted. He knows tomorrow will be a new day and he has to do it all over again. Flawless. Again.

Hans Snijders's Work
Restaurant Chateau Neercanne, Maastricht - Fine Traveling
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