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Chef David Tarnowski, Le Montagne (closed), Chardonne - Fine Traveling
Chef David Tarnowski
Update: David Tarnowski currently works as the F&B Manager at the Clinique La Prairie à Clarens. His restaurant Le Montagne is now closed.

Le Montagne is run and owned by the young chef David Tarnowski who created the restaurant 5 years ago.

He was a chef at Montreaux Palace back then, as he mentioned. He is young and driven and seems to be doing everything right.

From a brief encounter and from what we could see happening in the kitchen of Le Montagne restaurant, it seemed that striking for perfection was a way of living for him. His choice of location says it all.

It would be wonderful to see him take more risks with his menu nevertheless. He has everything working for him, so why not go for some adventure? Unless his Swiss clients are not up for it.

David Tarnowski's Work
Restaurant Le Montagne (closed), Chardonne - Fine Traveling
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